Interested in DARIA for your fund?

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Adopting DARIA

Are you an abortion fund considering adopting DARIA as your case management system of record? If after reading below, you feel that DARIA might be a good fit for your organization, just reach out to us using the Contact Us form. We can take you for a tour, let you play in the sandbox version of DARIA and answer any questions you may have!

DARIA's case management workflow was designed by abortion fund case managers and UX/UI designers to mirror existing practices used in case management and helps the case managers keep track of patient status and needs. The workflow is similar to many Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) systems. DARIA can be used for tracking financial and/or practical support across multiple lines.

Administration toolkit

DARIA provides a number of workflows to administer and report on your funds activities. Analysts are able to export an anonymized spreadsheet for analysis; administrators are able to keep track of which clinics your fund are and aren't working with; and your accounting team can mark which pledges have been cashed.

Your DARIA data is yours

DARIA Services and other DARIA funds do not have access to your fund's data. We don't share or touch it without express permission.

Security and maintenance

By reaching out to a fund, a patient is implicitly trusting us to be discreet and safeguard their personal data. To make good on funds' promise to keep our patients safe and offer them the best advice and support we can, our development team's top priority is keeping patient data secure and safe through deploying industry best practices and security monitoring softwares.

The DARIA Services engineering team regularly applies security patches and new features. We also closely monitor our environments and respond promptly to any major outages.

Additionally, we know any tech is only as secure as the people using it. A fund should also maintain secure data collection and usage practices at the individual case manager level, including deploying two factor authentication on their google accounts and using DARIA's features rather than using potentially compromising patient information in email communications. The DARIA Services team is happy to work with your fund and case managers to review these best practices, or refer to other specialist organizations where appropriate.


DARIA costs start at $300 a year ($25 a month for 12 months), paid to DARIA Services once a year. This covers your fund's share of server fees. We'll take care of the rest of the technical stuff.